Rebranding your Author Platform

Rebranding Your Author Platform

Your author platform is your shop window to the world and therefore, should showcase who you are and why people should be interested in what you write and/or sell. Your platform should reflect your personality and draw people in. All too often, people set up their author platforms and then just leave it, simply adding more content over time. However, this can lead to your platform looking tired, dated and often, no longer a true reflection of you. This is when you should consider rebranding your author platform.

On my own platform, I’d chosen a theme that worked for me at the time of launch, and I’d based the whole colour palette on a pre-made template on Canva that I wanted to use for my lead magnet. There was no reason I couldn’t change the colours of the template, but I was lazy and thought the colours would work for me. I also used quite standard fonts, but updated those a few months after launch, again based on someone else’s website. I used those colours and fonts across my whole platform, not just my website (which is recommended to make your brand cohesive and recognisable no matter where people find you).

I am not sure what had happened to my imagination during this process. I think I had poured all my capacity for thought into the content and layout etc. and let the aesthetics do their own thing. I think it worked for launch but it wasn’t really a true reflection of who I am.

I’ve only had my author platform in place for about 18 months, but after a six month sabbatical (see here if you want to know why I took that and what I did while I was in hiding), I decided it was time for a change. A relaunch would be the ideal time to also rebrand my own author platform.

If you’re thinking of rebranding your author platform, I hope this mini guide that I put together when rebranding my own platform, will help you ensure you cover all the essential elements.

Elements to Consider When Rebranding Your Author Platform

  • Reestablishing your audience and market
  • Redefining your vision, mission and values (what’s known as your brand voice)
  • Potentially renaming your business, website or blog
  • Reconsidering your slogan (or tagline)
  • Rebuilding your identity

We’ll take a look at each of these elements briefly below.

Reestablishing Your Audience and Market

Mostly for authors, their audience and market are likely to remain the same for a considerable time. However, it is not unheard of for an author to start writing in a different genre and in such a case, their audience would change.

There is also the possibility of an author diversifying and offering products alongside their written works, such as courses, memberships, masterclasses, merchandise etc. If this occurs, then again, the audience and market might be different.

When rebranding, it is a perfect opportunity to reevaluate who your audience is and who you are trying to market to. If you realise that the pond you’re fishing in is no longer filling your net, then it’s time to move to a different pond where the fish are more likely to bite. Now is the perfect time to do that.

Redefining Your Vision, Mission and Values

If you’re purely an author selling your published works, it’s less likely you will need to reconsider your vision. However, if you started to offer something else (examples above), then it may be that you will also need to redefine your brand voice. A rebrand is the perfect time to do this and is something you should give consideration to.

Renaming Your Business, Website or Blog

Again, as an author, you may well just use your name (real or pen) as your platform name (website title, domain name and social media handles). However, if, for any reason, you don’t, then you may also be reconsidering the name you use. Get set on what name you want to use before you commit too much to the redesign of your platform as your name may influence your aesthetics.

Reconsider Your Slogan

You may not use a slogan or tagline on your author platform (website or socials) but if you do, consider whether it still encapsulates what you do and who you are. If it doesn’t, then spend the time now rewriting it and finding a slogan that reflects who you are and what you are putting out into the world.

Rebuilding Your Identity

This is the most fun bit of rebranding and where you need to consider and decide upon the following aspects:

  • logo
  • colour palette
  • typography
  • imagery

These are the elements that will most reflect who you are and show your personality across your author platform. There is no rule that you HAVE to change your logo or colours or font etc. but these are often the elements that are changed when you rebrand (and will be what’s most noticeable to your audience).

You don’t need to have a professionally designed logo – if you have a little bit of creativity, the free online tool Canva is great for logo design. You can also use Canva to look at colour palettes and font suggestions too. ColourHunt is also a good website for looking at colour palettes.

Use free stock image sites such as Unsplash or Pixabay for finding licensed images that you can use across your website and author platform. Canva also offers stock images though you really need to have a paid subscription to get the most out of it.

Don’t Forget To Update…

When you rebrand your author platform, remember that you will need to update:

  • your website – including all ancillary and hidden pages (such as ‘thanks for subscribing’ or ‘thanks for your message’ pages, download pages, legal pages etc.)
  • your social media platforms (all of the ones you have accounts on)
  • Pinterest account if you have one
  • your email templates in your email marketing software (includes welcome emails, all automation emails, newsletter templates etc.)
  • any printed materials including letterheads, invoices etc
  • accounting software (invoice and receipt templates)
  • Goodreads, Amazon etc. if you have a bio, logo, profile image etc.

Are You Considering a Rebrand of Your Author Website and Platform?

If you are rebranding your author platform then I hope this guide is of help. When you have rebranded, make sure you make a song and dance of it! Shout it from the rooftops and try to push people to go and have a look and let you know what they think of your new look.

Have you rebranded your author platform? How did you find the process? And did it make a difference to your business (good or bad)? Have I forgotten something in my “don’t forget to update” section? If so, let me know so I can add it to help others.

Are you considering a rebrand but don’t know where to start? Shout up and I’ll do my best to help. Do let me know if this article helps you in any way – or indeed if I’ve missed out any vital information.

Photo Credit: Kevin Phillips from Pixabay

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