Seeing Things More Clearly

Day 266: March 31, 2021

The end of the month and already a quarter of the way through the year. How on earth does that happen?

I have ended up writing nothing during March. On one hand I feel like a failure but on the other I know that it has been a really tough month. What with family drama, illness and the usual challenges that life as a single mum throws at you, I know that the writing will always be the thing that has to give. One day I hope to be writing as a career but at the moment it is a hobby and whilst I love to do it, I have to put work and family first. Hopefully April will give me more time to do what I love to do.

The only thing of excitement that happened today was that I collected my new reading glasses. I was disappointed that they were not the colour I had expected (purple) and indeed are a subtle brown but they’re ok and I don’t wear them enough to grumble. Will be odd having to remember to put them on to read but they do make the words jump off the page at me. Hopefully it will encourage me to read more.

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