Social Media Scrolling, a Twitter Plea and an Itch I Couldn’t Scratch

Day Ninety Nine: October 15, 2020

Another non-early start to the day, so writing time has yet again been lost to lying in bed contemplating getting up and scrolling through social media feeds and the news instead.

I really do need to give myself a massive kick up the butt and just get on with it. I guess it’s not been helped by the stress of life lately, the darker mornings and the infection I had/the penicillin I’m taking. But it is pretty much just a line of excuses, and I really need to give myself a good shake and start properly.

I’ve put out a plea on Twitter today to ask what software writers use for writing books. I am thinking I might need something separate to ‘normal’ that I only use for the book but I am not sure. Ulysses would no doubt do the job (as would MS Word) but I am really not sure what might be best. I don’t want to start on one program and then wish I’d done it somewhere else.

I had thought that I might spend the evening looking at things for the book but I ended up spending the evening on the phone to 111 as I was suddenly ridiculously itchy – and I mean to the point it was unbearable – and had come out in a weird rash everywhere. Turns out I was experiencing an allergic reaction to the antibiotics I’m taking (odd that it took until day 4 for it to come out). But that meant my evening went out of the window as I was either on the phone or trying not to scratch!

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