Still Feeling Unwell and Struggled with Blogging

Day 207: January 31, 2021

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I woke up feeling very rotten and had absolutely no energy or enthusiasm to do anything. I’ve struggled to get motivated at all. I have spent some time reading and have started on [AFF] “Hold My Hand” by M J Ford. I am really enjoying it although only a few chapters in so far. Despite having read the second book first, I am enjoying finding out more about the main character even if it is backwards. That isn’t putting me off in any way.

I really need to get this week’s blog content sorted but have really struggled to get myself sat in front of the laptop. I am sure doing something would help and would take my mind off feeling rubbish, but everything is all such a lot of effort today.

I did manage to get the blog post done, though it was a struggle as I really just wanted to sit down with a cuppa and rest my weary head. I don’t think it’s one of my better blogs but hopefully it reads ok.

I also decided to upload the remaining journal days I had as I am so near being up to date, it seemed daft to bulk upload a whole week where I could just take a minute or two each day to add the last one. Will see if I keep that up but maybe worth a try and then I wouldn’t need to spend a considerable amount of time on a Sunday doing a whole week’s worth.

I did a lot more reading in the late afternoon and evening and have motored through half of “Hold My Hand” today – I am really loving it.

Later in the evening, I did think I would sit at the laptop and try and do a bit of writing despite how heavy my eyes were. In the end I realised I still hadn’t looked at next Saturday’s writing prompt, so I sorted that out. And I also realised I have forgotten to add the photo credit to tomorrow’s planning post so I got that done too.

I did manage to write 400 words before calling it a day and I think I have reached the end of a chapter. Leaves me in a bit of a weird place having written a very long chapter and thinking the next one is likely to be very short so I might need to do some playing around with that in the edit stage/ At the moment however, I am not going to worry about it and just plough on with writing and will worry about the length of chapters at the next stage.

I’m calling it a day now though, too tired and fighting with my eyelids. Going to just unwind quietly for half an hour and then will sleep and hope tomorrow is much better.

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