Sunday Again so Lots Gets Done

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Day 186: January 10, 2021

Sunday again.

Therefore it’s definitely a day for book project work even if I write nothing more in the book. It’s not even like I’m stuck as to what to write as I know where the story is going, I just need to find the motivation to sit and write it.

First job for today though is to load on this week’s journal posts. Doing that proved to be a shock at one point as I was scheduling one of the day’s posts that talked about the newsletter and I realised I’d never sent it! How flipping stupid! All that preparation and it was still sat as a draft in [AFF] MailerLite. Oops. I’ve sent that out now but am annoyed with myself!

Anyway despite being annoyed with myself about my newsletter, I cracked on with scheduling the week’s content. All the journal posts are up (I have nearly caught up with myself so there’s now only a few days between the on site blog and real life). I also got the prompt for next Saturday done and scheduled (as well as amending last week’s slightly as I discovered I’d made a small error in the location of last week’s snap).

Finally, I wrote the planning blog post for tomorrow which is about using [AFF] Canva. I realised as I was part way through that I could be an affiliate for Canva, so I abandoned the blog post part way through and applied for that. It won’t come through in time for tomorrow’s blog post but I might catch the odd sale, which would help pay for my own!

I should really now sit and write a bit but, if I’m honest, I am fed up of sitting at the laptop. Instead, I am going to grab a cuppa and a naughty biscuit and sit and read for a little bit. That’s what Sundays are meant to be about isn’t it?

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