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Not So Constructive Today

Day 271: April 5, 2021 I started the morning early by catching up on journal posts as I seem to be very behind. Sometimes I am bang on with these posts and update them often during the day. And some days I am useless and just don’t do them at all and then have to …

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Reading, Blogging and Purchasing

Day 270: April 4, 2021 Although it’s Easter, we don’t really celebrate it and I still planned on getting all my usual bookish Sunday things done. I have to keep telling myself that this is the last Sunday I will have free to spend the whole day doing these tasks as I’ll be back to …

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A Quiet Easter Saturday

Day 269: April 3, 2021 Today was a typical Saturday though slightly quester than normal. I took my Mum our for a walk which was really nice as it gave us time to talk some things over. She’s so much better than she was a few months ago and is up to walking decent distances …

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It’s a Good Friday to Be Lost

Day 268: April 2, 2021 It’s Good Friday today. The children are off school and life is slightly calmer but I still woke up early. I was granted an unexpected day off today so I have done lots of relaxing with a book and rewatching Lost. Anyone else watched that? I watched the first two …

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A Foolish Day?

Day 267: April 1, 2021 It’s April Fool’s Day but here it was much like any other day. It was the children’s last day at school before the Easter break (anyone else feel like they’ve literally only just gone back anyway?). I started the day with a visit to my chiropractor, which is always a …

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A Good Dose of Reading

Day 262: March 27, 2021 Saturday, as regular readers will know, is always a day when nothing very bookish gets done. It is usually a day for shopping and somehow the day spins past very quickly indeed and I miss any opportunity for doing anything bookish as my brain thinks this is my day off. …

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