Panic at a Plot Blockage

Day 216: February 9, 2021 I had a lazy start to the morning as it was so cold! I watched the end of the test match and read a chapter of [AFF] The Family Gift before settling at the laptop for work. I checked this morning’s journal post had published (it had) and uploaded the …

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Lost My Way and Sinking Fast

Day 185: January 9, 2021 Another quiet book day. I had a lovely morning run/walk, which I hoped would set me up for the day but in fact just made me feel really sleepy! That wasn’t a great help. I did the usual shopping and did some reading of [AFF] “Postscript” but still didn’t get …

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A Year in Review

Day 176: December 31, 2020 This is it – New Year’s Eve … we’ve finally made it to the end of 2020 and what a year it’s been. The year started as expected but then of course March saw the UK enter into the first nationwide lockdown. Since then it’s been a bit hit and …

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Keeping a Track of Things

Day 157: December 12, 2020 I had a very early morning start today and for one reason or another had done the weekly food shop by 8am. I totally forgot to check whether the journal post and writing prompt had published at 8am as they are meant to but fortunately they had. I took advantage …

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