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Lead Magnet Ideas for Authors

Following on from last week’s blog post on email list building, I am going to suggest some lead magnet ideas for authors. This post was inspired by Emily Judds on Instagram (@emilyjuddswrites) who commented on my Instagram post saying that she doesn’t know “what to send to people”. In my post “Should I Have a …

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Trial and Error: Plan A to Plan C

Day Nineteen: July 27, 2020 Yet another good morning being productive before starting my ‘proper’ job. I had meant to go back to the blogs but instead I created the freebie page and the opt-in to download a copy of “The Plan”. That took longer than I anticipated as I tried to be too clever …

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Excitement! And a Wobble

Day Nine: July 17, 2020 Today I made big progress on the actual book plan!!!! Yep! I went and bought some index cards to start notes. I’ve not opened the packet yet but, you know, all in good time. Can’t rush these things!! I’ve not done much else today other than recreating the PDF of …

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The Basics

Can you imagine this scenario? You dream of writing a book. You know you have at least one novel (or nonfiction book) in you. You have ideas of characters, plots, settings, snippets of moments in a character’s life … and you finally decide that this is your time, and you’re going to get the words …

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