A Seed Has Been Planted

Day Two: July 10, 2020 Early morning on day 2 – slept on it. Not feeling quite so motivated and enthusiastic this morning. That’s not a good start is it? Let’s hope it comes back to me during today … more later (maybe). Later … Ok, it’s evening now and the day has flown by …

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Notes on the Journal

The Birth of this Journal This daily journal is my own personal story of how I started as a novice writer, with no author platform and worked to create an online presence for my writing. The whole journal project was borne from this quote that I read while planning how to start writing and building …

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The Basics

Can you imagine this scenario? You dream of writing a book. You know you have at least one novel (or nonfiction book) in you. You have ideas of characters, plots, settings, snippets of moments in a character’s life … and you finally decide that this is your time, and you’re going to get the words …

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planning for your writing business

Planning for Your Writing Business

When you take the decision to write a book – be that fiction or nonfiction, you may not initially consider yourself as being in business. However, if you are looking to have that book published and sold, you will need to wear a lot more hats than that of ‘just an author’. You need to …

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