Free Stuff and Frustrations

Day 265: March 30, 2021 I totally forgot to add to my journal last night that, following a post I saw on Instagram, I signed up to various publishers’ newsletters. It was already late in the evening when I did it, so I literally signed up to a few and then went to bed. Therefore, …

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Do As I Say Not as I Do

Day 193: January 17, 2021 As you will see, yesterday was skipped past as my diary entry said … “As is often usual for a Saturday, I did very little with books today though I did get some reading done.” I didn’t think that was really enough for a post of its own, so we …

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Momentum Stalled Already

Day 178: January 2, 2021 I did nothing today. Absolutely nothing. Great momentum there Ruth, day two and you already failed. I didn’t even remember to check that the posts had published ok until late in the day, so it was a good job they had! I did finish reading [AFF] “The Silent Treatment” but …

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