Being Big and Brave

Day 258: March 23, 2021 I started the morning by noting down some ideas for next week’s blog post and catching up on my journal posts. I was a big brave girl and went to the dentist for a check up which wasn’t as bad as I feared, though I still need to fork out …

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An Airy Fairy Day

Day 257: March 22, 2021 This morning started with adding the pin to today’s planning post just before it published (and then checking the post had published ok). I then rearranged my homepage slightly, just to reorder how things appear on the front. I keep thinking about changing it entirely but haven’t quite worked out …

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Word for Today is “Rubbish”

Day 217: February 10, 2021 Today. What can I say about today? Hmm, well it wasn’t the best day but I guess it wasn’t the worst either. Work was a bit rubbish, home life was a bit rubbish, writing was a bit rubbish. And I felt a bit rubbish. In case you’d not noticed, it …

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