The Basics

Can you imagine this scenario?

You dream of writing a book. You know you have at least one novel (or nonfiction book) in you. You have ideas of characters, plots, settings, snippets of moments in a character’s life … and you finally decide that this is your time, and you’re going to get the words in your head down on paper.

And then you realise that this is the hard part …

Where do you start? How do you start? What’s the best way to write a book? Do you start at the beginning and work to the end as the words flow from your subconscious? Or do you plan it all out before you start getting creative? How does it all fit together?

Is that where you’re at now?

Or have you got the book part nailed down and know what you’re doing? Is your scenario that you’ve got the book written, or at least made a start, and you realise that you now have an author business but no platform? Do you need a website? Should you be on social media? Where do you find people to sell your book to? How do you set all these elements in motion?

Is that where you’ve become stuck?

I feel I am lucky in that I know I’ve come to the point where I want to write the book that’s been in my head for years. At this stage, I have a rough idea of how I will plan the book and how I will go about writing it but as of today, I have yet to start. However, as I work in digital marketing, I know that I need more than just the book, I need a platform to sell myself and my stories. Before I started my journey therefore, I mapped out the whole route. I thought about all the elements I would need to complete the journey and set about working on them one by one.

“Not gonna lie” (my 17 year old daughter’s favourite sentence starter), I like a list. Seeing what I need to do helps me focus on my priorities, and I love the satisfaction of ticking things off when done (yes, I am one of ‘those’ people who will realise a task I’ve completed is not on the list, so will write it on just so I can cross it off!). So, I wrote myself a list of all the things I needed to do. And then decided it would be good to have that as something I could stick on the wall as a way of chartering my way through the journey. I therefore, created a pretty infographic I could print off and display so I know where I am on the journey.

I’ve wanted to share this with my readers, so you can download a copy of this for yourself (for free) on my freebies page. It’s a route planner; a list of things to think about and to consider as you plan your own journey. Some elements will not be for everyone, but you can pick and mix and work out what is right for you and your unique author business.

This series of posts will roughly follow that plan and will expand on all of the elements, giving you more detail on why you should do it, and how you can do it etc.

Pop over to my freebies page and download a copy of “The Plan” and comment below what elements you’re looking forward to learning more about.

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