The Longest Week and Book Swapping

Day 219: February 12, 2021

It’s Friday – and it seems to have been a really long week. Not sure why but it feels as though it’s gone on forever.

I was hoping I might get some writing done in the quiet lulls today but so far (3pm) I’ve written nothing.

I have however written today’s weekly round up caption and uploaded that to Pinterest and Facebook. I also sent it to my assistant to post to Instagram.

I also finally got around to signing up to [AFF ]Bookswap, which is a great website where you can literally swap books. You earn credits for books you “sell” and use those credits (plus pay for postage) to “buy” ones you want. You can check it out here: [AFF] Bookswap – this is my invite link, so if you join and complete a swap both you and I get a free book. I listed a couple of books that I was given but am unlikely to read, and I also set up a wish list of books I do want to get hold of. I may also have used my free credit to order a book .. surprise.

In the evening I managed to get almost 900 words written. I hadn’t been exactly sure what would make up the next chapter but once I got started, I managed to write quite well and feel that the story is telling itself. That always feels like a miracle to me. I thought I’d need to meticulously plan every scene, but at lot of the time, the book has told me the story.

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