Trial and Error: Plan A to Plan C

Day Nineteen: July 27, 2020

Yet another good morning being productive before starting my ‘proper’ job. I had meant to go back to the blogs but instead I created the freebie page and the opt-in to download a copy of “The Plan”. That took longer than I anticipated as I tried to be too clever and to give people the option to join the newsletter at the same time. A conflict in the way the tools I use work together meant I couldn’t do that the way I first planned, so I tried Plan B and ended up having to use Plan C!

I have no issue with trial and error and finding the best solution to a problem, but it does mean a quick and simple job ends up taking considerably longer and eating into your allotted time! However, the page and delivery email are set up and so that is almost ready to go. I just need to actually link up the plan document to the delivery email and test the process to make sure it works as it is meant to!

And that, dear readers, is today’s #toptip – if you have processes on your website (forms, opt-ins, the ability to purchase products or services etc.) always give the process at least one test run before you make it live to the public. Sounds obvious, but you should also have a dummy run to make sure that the whole process works as it should.

I didn’t manage to get back to the blog today but that will definitely be the first job for the morning!

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