White Rabbits

Day 236: March 1, 2021

Wow. March. Already. This year seems to be flying.

Today was a super busy day so, yet again, no writing was done. It’s not been helped by the fact I have kind of “lost” my writing space at the moment and haven’t yet figured out a time in the day where I can access the desk and have quiet to write.

I also had an appointment at the hospital this afternoon for a hearing test. It was more of a tick box exercise than a necessity, but the consultant wanted to tick the box, so I went and had it done. Super amazing and slick service especially as I was told there was nothing wrong with my hearing or pressures. All good to go. I wasn’t expecting anything but obviously always nice to be told all is working well. Doesn’t explain the pain and dizziness but hopefully they’ll eventually get to the bottom of that.

Other than publicising today’s blog post, not a lot else book wise was done.

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