Why I Chose a Tree Theme

It’s quite hard to miss all the trees that are dotted around my website. I will confess however, that trees were not the theme I originally had in mind for my site!

When I first struck on the marvellous idea of an online platform, I immediately conjured up a seaside/beach/coastal theme. I have always had a love of the sea – there’s something about the way it can change from calm and placid to angry and fierce in what seems like a split second. I love the sea whether it’s like a millpond or like the tempest, both moods are full of natural beauty.

But I digress …

In looking for the relevant images and icons that matched my coastal theme, I happened to stumble across the tree icon that is now in many places on my website and I was instantly drawn to it. I can’t tell you precisely why, but I knew that it would become a focus on my site somehow. And in that instant, the whole theme switched without a moment’s hesitation.

For me, trees are not only one of nature’s beautiful creations, but they also provide shelter from the elements, be that the wind, the rain or the sun. They provide us with the oxygen we need to survive; wood which has a multitude of uses in our lives; and they provide fruit and food both for us and for other living creatures.

I felt that trees represent so many different things – new life, growth, wisdom, power, prosperity and grounding, and all of these things are important to me and the work that this project entails.

The falling autumn leaves with their richness of colour symbolise the process of letting go, and starting anew with the buds and blossom that comes before the fruit. I have had to shed my past and become something new several times throughout my life and this symbolism is especially personally important. The deciduous trees that stand bare and empty throughout the winter months are how I have felt many times in my life, but even in the harshest of winters, the spring comes and the trees once again show the buds of new life and blossom into full bloom.

Going within the tree itself, the age rings inside the trunk represent the layers of time showing how we develop as time passes. All of those winters of shedding off the past and turning into something fresh and new throughout the spring are recorded in each layer and every ring tells a story of its own.

All these symbols and representations are what this site is about. How I feel about myself, and how I encourage you to feel in your own business and your own writing.

Anyone recognise the trees in the image? For the Cornish readers, I’m sure you’ll instantly recognise them as the ‘coming home’ trees at Cookworthy Knapp in Devon. For anyone not familiar with Cornwall, this copse of trees stand proudly above the A30 in Lifton, Devon, just a few miles from the Cornish border. As you pass them, you know that ‘home’ is very close by ♡.

Do you have a favourite tree? Let me know in the comments, or email me a photo and your story (your reasons for loving it or a fictional piece of writing about that tree) – I will feature some on the blog in the future.

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