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Day 154: December 9, 2020

Yesterday evening, I did intend read a bit more of [AFF] “The Christmas Invitation” (which I am absolutely loving!) but I also had a sudden urge to write a synopsis of my WIP. So I grabbed a pen and paper and set about getting the words that were going round in my head down onto paper. Even though I know what the story is and where it’s going, I found it a really useful exercise.

I therefore typed that into my [AFF] Scrivener document this morning (as a note so it doesn’t affect my word count [it was 188 should you be interested]). I tweaked it a little but know that I will refer back to it on occasion to ensure I’m keeping on track.

I’ve done a fair bit of tweeting this morning and some interaction with the #writingcommunity hashtag which has been fun. I do like to interact and engage and find Twitter is the easiest channel to do this on.

I did manage to get a bit of writing done during a break in the day and somehow managed to rack up about 600 words in a short space of time. I am hoping to do a little more later as well as some reading of course.

Later …

I did get more writing done and in total I wrote almost 1200 words. I’ve no idea where the charge has suddenly come from but I am really pleased with how it’s going. Long, long way to go and not sure I will be able to keep up this momentum but will take it for now!I also did some reading of Harry Potter with my son and then settled to read “The Christmas Invitation” before bed. I do love to wind down and relax with a good book.

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