Word for Today is “Rubbish”

Day 217: February 10, 2021

Today. What can I say about today?

Hmm, well it wasn’t the best day but I guess it wasn’t the worst either.

Work was a bit rubbish, home life was a bit rubbish, writing was a bit rubbish. And I felt a bit rubbish. In case you’d not noticed, it was all a bit rubbish.

Anyway, the usual daily platform work was done – Pinterest and socials and checking the post had published without problem.

Otherwise I did not do a whole lot. I got LOADS of words written (note the slathering of sarcasm in that sentence). Are you ready for the sum total of daily words?

Four. Yes, you read that right, I wrote four words today. At that rate, I calculate that it will take me another 40 years to finish writing the first draft. Awesome.

Why so few words? Well, the words I wrote were “They met in the …” and I realised that I needed to know where a character was living, what their life was like now and where such a meeting between characters would take place. I needed more back story and more research.

So, that’s what I did instead. I spent a lot of time researching a whole host of other things including residential care homes believe it or not.

I now know where I am going with the story and I do know where the characters are meeting, why they are meeting there and what it looks like. However, it meant that today’s word count was hardly worth noting. Let’s hope tomorrow I can make up for it.

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