Writing Update: Mid December 2020

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I know I only published an update a month ago, and if I am totally honest with you, I did not expect to publish a second update so soon. However, lots has happened in the past month so far as the book goes so I thought I would fill you in if you don’t read my daily Journal posts (I spill all beans in those as I go along).

Quick Summary of Where I Was a Month Ago

I’d written 12,500 words. I was winging it on a skeleton outline rather than a full on plan. I had the rough idea of the story but was still fleshing it out. I’d set myself a mini challenge to write at least 100 words a day for 100 days starting on 16 October and though I wasn’t writing every day, on the days I did write I usually did more than 100 so was averaging more than 100 words a day.

Where I Am Now

I’ve done some chopping and changing around of text as I have added bits but I still haven’t done any serious editing. My plan is still to get the story out of my head and consigned to paper and only then will I start to edit it and polish it into something someone else might want to read.

I did have a couple of days of falling out with [AFF] Scrivener but I did eventually get that resolved. You can read about that on my journal post here. I do love Scrivener as a tool for writing but the technical side of backups and linking with the iOS version drove me slightly mad for a day or two.

I experienced a small revelation as I was falling asleep one night and some words just came into my head which I needed to write down. I wasn’t sure that they would work with my current novel and whether I would be shoehorning them in if I tried to use them. However, after some considerable thought, I decided I would use them and had to reformat the opening of my book to make it work.

On December 5, I reached the 50 day mark of my personal challenge and even though I hadn’t written every day I’d written a total of 14,480 words in 50 days, which averaged out to a little over 289 words per day. That’s more than double the target and I feel I am well on the way.

I am not including the 1443 words I had scribbled on scraps of paper and uploaded in one go to Scrivener on the first day (not sure whether to call that Day One or Day 100) so in total the book was standing at 15,923 words. I am pleased with that.

The day after, I was minding my own business walking down the stairs when I suddenly fell upon a twist even I hadn’t seen coming. I hastily scribbled some notes but had to re-plot some of the later story. I spent time doing that, plotting out various scenes on index cards that I could easily move into a different order and then transposed that final outline into Scrivener.

After doing that, I seem to have gone into a bit of overdrive and have written quite a lot in the last week or so. As of first thing this morning, the total word count is standing at 27,387 ( a growth of 14,887 from a month ago). That’s insane as I really didn’t expect that.

What Comes Next?

I am currently writing in chronological order and filling in between the start that I’d written some time ago and the start of the middle. Once I’ve done that, I need to mess around a bit with the middle bit that I’ve already written as the new plot twist means what I wrote doesn’t quite make sense. I then hope to plough on for the remainder of the middle, pulling in the little bits and bobs I’d already written for the middle sections, and then on to the end. Whether I do it all in chronological order, or do some flitting about I don’t know but I will keep you informed of progress.

You can keep up with me on a daily basis on my Journal (this is published about three weeks behind real time) and on my social platforms – I post updates on Twitter especially.

I love to hear about how other authors are faring with their WIPs as well as their processes. Let me know where you’re at in your writing journey in the comments below.

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