Writing Update: Mid January 2021

Another month passes us by so I thought I would update you on how the novel writing is going. In a word, stalled, would be the word I’d choose.

December was a bit of a month wasn’t it? Christmas and New Year always seem to be busy times when things get pushed aside to make way for all the preparation and festivities. Of course, in 2020, we had the added fun of another lockdown looming, which seemed to suck the soul out of the end of the year.

My writing hit a wall as I got swept up in all that December threw at us and I went for two full weeks without writing a single solitary word. During that time, I went through all the emotions of feeling sad, angry, lost and hopeless when it came to novel writing. I even questioned whether I was doing the right thing by even trying.

I had a random perk up on New Year’s Day and thought I’d throw myself back into it and started with 300 words but then immediately lost that enthusiasm and the momentum stalled yet again. I went another ten days without adding a single word to the book.

This past week, I had a bit of an awakening when I, quite by chance, watched an Instagram Live where the immortal words “your book won’t write itself” were said loud and clear. That gave me a bit of momentum and I had four days on the trot where I wrote a decent amount.

I didn’t write yesterday though. And I’ve done no novel writing today. I have done a lot of blogging and website work today but that isn’t helping me with the novel. I really, really need to get myself into a much better pattern and start writing consistently and daily without fail.. No excuses. No procrastinating. Just writing.

I did manage to pass the 30,000 word barrier this past week, during my four day writing surge. I am pleased to have passed another milestone but there is still much to be done. And that is what I need to concentrate on. Sitting down and writing. Let’s hope I have more positive news in next month’s update. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Just to keep consistency and share the facts and figures, as of first thing this morning, the total word count currently stands at 31,253 (which is a staggering increase of 3,866 words since last month).

You can keep up with me on a daily basis on my Journal (this is now published about a week behind real time) and on my social platforms.

Let me know where you’re at with your current WIP. Was your December/January as bad as mine? Have you got back into a proper routine since the Christmas break? Does Christmas feel like forever ago to you (it does to me!)? Comment below with how things are for you right now.

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