Writing Update: Mid March 2021

At the end of last month’s update, I assured you that I’d keep you up to date with another update this month. Well here it is, but there is very little to update you on.

I have had a month that has been tough, life is hard and I am struggling. I am swimming against the tide and slowly drowning. I have found that I am fighting to fit everything I need to do into my day and exhausting myself physically and mentally that I am unable to clear my mind to write in the evenings. Whilst I really want to write, I am not prepared to force myself to do it as I think that will make me find the whole process a lot less enjoyable and more like a chore. I’ve therefore allowed myself to take time off instead to try to relax and unwind before bed in the hope it will enable me to sleep.

I did start off reasonably well after my last update with a couple of decent days of writing but then followed that up with a lot of days where the total word count recorded for the day was zero. I was managing to have one really good day a week and hoping that that would kickstart things but unfortunately they were all one offs.

One of the reasons I was struggling to write is that I no longer had a quiet space to work. With lockdown 3.0, having four children at home 24/7 and the challenges of home schooling, my quiet workspace was invaded by children and the background noise of TV and game consoles. Unfortunately we don’t have a particularly large house and I only have a small bedroom so had nowhere to escape to.

The other day though, I was raised this my daughter who helped me look at things more logically and we worked out a way I could get a desk into my room without losing much space or storage. I have been gifted a desk for Mother’s Day and spent some time this past week sorting out the room and organising my new space. I am therefore hoping that I can make better use of the time I do have and get on with writing. I’ll let you know how that goes.

In order to keep with the format of these updates, as of first thing this morning, the total word count stands at 45,741, which is an increase of 3,719 words since last month. That’s really not a great deal and I am disappointed with myself. However, I am very much aware that life has been difficult of late and I am not going to beat myself up about the lack of words. Instead, I need to appreciate that I am almost halfway and will work on getting myself more focussed and writing more from now on.

You can keep up with me on a daily basis by reading my Journal (this is now published about a week behind real time), on my social platforms (links in the sidebar and footer) and, of course, I will publish another update next month – let’s hope I have more to say and that I am much further along with the book by then.

Are you currently writing? I’d love to know how you’re getting on with your writing. I love to hear from other writers and to hear how things are going for others. Please leave a comment below.

Photo Credit: Diane Helentjaris on Unsplash

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